1. I’m Making An Artbook!!!

    Hey guys I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I’ve been working really hard making quite a bit of work here lately. Well I will be collecting a portion of my recent abstract works together into a nice neat artbook. This is a great chance to get some of my work in your hands and on your coffee table, bookshelf, desk or anywhere else you like to keep your books. It will include some never before seen works, and as stated below, if you preorder I will sign your book. Once preorders close the price of the book will go up, so make sure you place that order. I’m trying to get some sort of paypal button to post,but for now just email me with your interest and we’ll go from there. :)

    "AF2-1 a collection of abstract works by Aljournal Franklin II"

    Get your 6”x9” full color hardcover book of original art,
    for only $20.00 ($15 plus $5 shipping/handling)


    Prepaid preorders only.

    Order your signed copy today!
    (last day to take advantage of this offer is Nov 13, 2014)

    if interested email:


  2. nevver:

    Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket, James Whistler

    I know I don’t reblog things often, I try to avoid it honestly, but I saw this and couldn’t contain myself. This is one of my all time favorite paintings by one of my all time favorite painters. It has inspired me in numerous occasions, and I hope it does the same for any of my followers who see this.

    (via emilypun)

  3. Playing a bit with collage today. This is probably my favorite to date. #collage #cutpaper #drawingwithpaper #ali #muhammadali #crazyarms #mutant #raincloud #art #AljournalFranklinII #Illustration

  4. Kind of a late post, but here is my final setup with all 20 of the final pieces for my critique earlier today. I think that all night work session paid off. Sorry you can’t see them so well individually. That will be remedied later. #abstract #art #abstractpainting #aljournalfranklinii #critiquespace #expressive #gestural #painting #printmaking #oils #acrylic #ink

  5. Couple of stencil prints I cooked up, I have now been nonstop creating for what feels like a day and a half now. This is getting crazy. Lol #print #printmaking #art #luchador #luchadordog #aljournalfranklinii #squaready